Scott Harvey Wines

Often viewed as the "Pioneer of Amador County," Scott Harvey and his wife, Jana, are two power houses known for their expertise for "food friendly" wines and forward thinking wine marketing strategies.

With two vineyards located in Amador and Napa Counties, they requested a rebrand of their premier wine, Cathedral, that celebrates the beauty of their story together, as well as what the two vineyards have to offer.

Since the launch of the new label, the first vintage has almost sold out. At a $111 a bottle, that's a new sales record for them.

In addition to rebranding their wine label, new rack cards and a wine club membership brochure were created.

Photos by Justin Allen

Graphic Design + Rebranding


A love story...

The name "Cathedral" is a loving tribute celebrating the day Scott and Jana got engaged at Cathedral Rock.

Ornate designs with their brand's griffin envokes a sense of royalty and legacy, while still keeping to the romance of the story behind the name.

An elegant design that speaks to serious wine lovers.


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