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Yorba Wines Owner, Ann Kraemer, is a viticulture star who is bringing new attention to Amador County. With a sophisticated wine label and tasting room in Sutter Creek already in place, Yorba Wines needed public relations help and new marketing collateral (see shirts below as one sample) that reflected their brand and critically acclaimed wines.

This especially came into play once COVID-19 hit. As we all know, wine tasting rooms (especially boutiques like Yorba) continue to face unprecedented challenges due to the pandemic.

Working closely with Ann, together we combated the stay at home mandate by creating a series of virtual events. All with a unique theme. Nothing stuffy, but still sophisticated. A reflection of Ann and what she does best.

The objective was to have guests enjoy each event with or without wine. However, any wine purchased for the events would have proceeds donated to relief funds. 

The campaigns helped Yorba reach historic sales in April during the shelter mandate and has also allowed Ann to continually donate proceeds to food banks and other causes.

In addition to the virtual events, a social media campaign was implemented called "A Taste of Yorba." The weekly series highlights one wine from the perspective of Ann and her employees. The videos are quirky, fun and uncensored. Again, no stuffiness allowed. 

Within two weeks of the campaign launch, Yorba Wines captured one of the most critical and elusive wine lovers of all - Millennials. During this time Millennial website traffic doubled.

Shirt Photos by Justin Allen

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She and her team chuck the dry wine jargon and inject some fun! Last week, we heard descriptions of wines as though they were people. The 2014 Barbera was described as “a wild child” that’s allowed to do what it wants. Kelsey, the tasting room manager, compared the Yorba 2014 Barbera to a “best friend,” someone you could go anywhere with, and who is always fun and accessible. These wines are lovable and have distinct personalities that come through clearly as the presentation continues.



When the pandemic first hit full force in April, Ann partnered with 10 wineries who buy grapes from her vineyard for a virtual concert series called "Songs of Shake Ridge." The free virtual concerts were intended to lighten spirits while supporting those facing financial challenges. Each participating winery agreed to donate proceeds from wine sales to a good cause.

Concerts ranged from Americana grammy-winners Sean Watkins and Sara Watkins to African jazz guitarist Sam Dickey to the soulful sounds of newcomer Annie Stela.

Yorba was able to donate more than $12,000 to COVID relief efforts thanks to concert wine purchases and profits from May sales.

Although Yorba is gaining recognition for their perfectly balanced wines, Ann is renowned for her flawless grapes at Shake Ridge Ranch. More than 30 wineries throughout Northern California buy from her.

In celebration of the exquisite wines she helps produce, she hosted a media event showcasing each of her wineries. Media from the state and national level attended her "Shades of Shake Ridge" event. A media kit was created highlighting the grapes, Ann's methodology and each winery who buys her grapes.

Mike Dunne, San Francisco Chronicle...

Few vineyards, and probably none as young, account for as many wines on the wine list of Napa Valley’s acclaimed restaurant the French Laundry — 11.


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